<<<--- BOARDING --->>>

~~ Boarding each night is from 10:00am to 10:00am each day. 

~~ Boarding each night consist of playtime from time of drop off through 10am on pick-up day, private pen and photos on our Facebook page (if your dog is cooperating when we date photos); If your dog is picked up late on pick-up day, they continue to play until picked up by owner, but there will be a late pick-up fee
~~ Dogs sleep in 5x5 pens at night by themselves (unless you have multiple dogs and they can go together). They are not in private suites. 
~~ We strongly recommend that you bring your dog's feed with them so they don't get an upset stomach while here. If you forget your dog's feed and we need to feed our feed, there will be a charge for our feed. 
~~ If your dog has something special at home that it likes to sleep with such as a bed/blanket/toy we encourage you to bring it. Anything to make your dog feel more at home and comfortable.
~~ Your dog will be beside other dogs in 5x5 pens. With this being said, the following are chances/risk that could happen ...  1) your dog's neighbor for the night might have a potty accident or spill their water and therefore it might run into your dog's pen 2) your dog's neighbor f
or the night might tug/pull on your dog's bed/blanket/toy if it is close to the fence
~~ When we let dogs out in the morning, we check/clean pens. If there is a blanket/bed/toy that needs to be cleaned, we take them out and start cleaning on them after we tend to all dogs for the morning. 
~~ NO SHOW PICK UP - If you do not show up to pick up your dog on your scheduled pick up day, we will charge your card at the end of each day another boarding fee plus a $20.00 i
nconvenience fee per day.

~~ 50% of estimated boarding total is DUE AT BOOKING. Payment is required to hold reservation. Deposit is refundable for STORE CREDIT ONLY (any kind of store credit) if dates are changed or canceled 48 hours prior to scheduled drop off date. 
~~ The remaining balance (final payment) is due at DROP OFF, that way you are completely checked out and finished at pick up . We are doing this, so that when you come for pick up on Sunday's we do not have check out anyone, and so that when you come for pick up everything is taken care of already and you will be good to go!

~~ Early Check-Out/Pick-Up - Deposit for remaining scheduled days will be NON-REFUNDABLE, should you arrive back early from your trip. Please remember a 48 hour early pick-up notice is required in order to avoid being charged for any unused nights.

*** 2022 BOARDING RATES ***
~~  $40 per night (one dog)
~~ $36 per night (additional dog in same pen in one family)
~~ $37 per night for 5 nights or more (one dog)
~~ $36 per night per dog for 5 nights or more (2 or more dogs in same pen in one family)
~~ If you have multiple dogs, and they can NOT stay in the same pen together, you will be charged the $40 per night 
~~ During Holidays, there will be at least a 2 night (or more) minimum stay, depending on the day the holiday falls on.
~~ Late Checkout (10am-Close) is a Daycare charge of $18 per dog

~~ NO SHOW PICK UP - If you do not show up to pick up your dog on your scheduled pick up day, at pick up, you will be charged another boarding fee plus a $20.00 inconvenience fee per day.
~~ Sunday Drop-Off/Pick-Up - Open by Appointment Only from 3-5pm (No Daycare Charge on Sundays)
~~ WE WILL BE CLOSED ON ALL MAJOR HOLIDAYS (NO PICK-UPS OR DROP-OFFS)~~ Hours are subject to change based upon calendar day from year to year.
~~ Spring Break - Regular Business Hours 
~~ Please see deposit information above